Luxury Living

Luxury Living

D.Souza And Associates creates Sumptuous Environment, a condition of abundance Living with great ease and comfort. D.Souza And Associates executes the plans giving importance to modern techniques and product which gives comfortable leisure living.

DSAA plans & design the residences & hotels with best modern architectural hardware, Handles, Locks, Door accessories, Door seals, Panic Exit devices, Window Friction Hinges and Bolt Systems, Sliding doors, Point fittings & Sliding folding systems and Kitchen modules fittings.

DSAA even concentrate on space management with Intense view and comfort in mind.

Architectural / Internal door Hardwares

A Plank of wood is taken and given the attractive look with right hardware to become a door. DSAA provide the true functionality of assembly, operation, security and convenience to a door with the necessary hinges, door closers, handles, locks and accessories which are installed with high quality hardware.

DSAA  also keep in mind of usage is simple and secure to all the generations.

Sliding Doors & Windows – Manual & Automatics.

In modern architecture and improved lifestyle the use of traditional wooden doors & windows is been replaced by Glass or wooden Sliding door. The Main use of these doors are in space management comparison with traditional doors. Sliding Type provides ease of use, a professional and high standard look.

Manual sliding & Windows can be used in living rooms as well as office use. We at D.Souza And Associates give importance for the space management and modern lifestyle so have expertise in high quality and best brand manual doors & Windows.

Automatic Sliding Door with intelligent functional range and harmonious design unite technology with aesthetic aspects. Further these bring user convenience to a new level. DSAA designs these doors especially whenever doors need to be operated without direct contacts and for through passages between kitchen and the restaurant or in sanitary area.

Sliding Folding Door & Windows

A compelling solution for spatial planning that is flexible, efficient and visually arresting. Operated manually, Sliding folding Walls allow rooms to be merged or divided with ease.  Balconies, terraces and verandas are an effective way of increasing your living space.

Today, with the cost and availability of space at a premium, there is an increasing demand to make your space work harder for you. To help achieve this goal D.Souza And Associates offer a comprehensive range of Sliding folding doors and windows that cover the whole spectrum of requirements. DSAA also design to provide an extended threshold, linking outdoors and indoors and bringing the wonders of nature closer to the protected living.

Modular Kitchen

Today's kitchen is all about a well-planned space that makes cooking a completely interactive. Kitchen is the heart of home and had to be designed by creating spaces for varied activities. This is possible with modular Kitchen which completely redefine everything to “YOUR KITCHEN”. Modular gives functional, stylish, practical and customer built Kitchen.

D.Souza And Associates normally designs the space using modules of standardized/customized sizes to suit individual spaces with best brand and quality products. We make kitchen to work easier and organised such a way that cooking is made easy and clean.