Acoustic Dividers and office partition

Acoustic and Non-Acoustic Dividers

D.Souza And Associates recreates the elegant and profession look which enhances the warmth of interior by giving high quality dividers. We design the partition which is cost effective, practical, Aesthetics, light and also keeping in mind of each individuals Privacy.

DSAA gives full design dividers supports for Banquet halls, corporate offices, banks, hotels, education institutes, hospitals so on. The plans is executed such a way that clients interest & needs are taken care.

DSAA sets the options of separate work places with the partitions. We offer to develop and set up light construction, partial height Acoustical walls & partitions. Acoustic Partitions is mainly used to separate one room in two and Non-Acoustic Partition mainly for designing offices.

Acoustic Dividers

As here at DSAA we take pride in offering fully bespoke styles of acoustic partition at extremely competitive prices. As we offer a complete installation service, we are shop for high quality operable soundproof walls fully or partial Automatic. So you won't even need to consider looking elsewhere. There are two types of sound proof acoustic partition that is Transparent and Opaque which we design both Horizontal or Vertical.

Glass Partition Movable Walls: Glass Partition Movable wall is the Transparent wall to create into two rooms. DSAA puts a lot of creativity and functionality into its use of glass partition walls to create the ideal workspace with soundproof quality. The maximum transparency creates an unparalleled sense of freedom and space.

 Solid Partition Movable wall: Solid Partition Movable wall is the opaque wall made of MDF which can be given desire finishes. If you're looking for top quality soundproof movable walls with Privacy which can effortlessly transform any working environment, look no further as we're sure to be able to provide you with exactly what you need. As our moveable walls can be constructed to meet your precise specifications, you don't need to worry about settling for second best.

Non- Acoustic Partitions

DSAA offer you a great variety of design possibilities.. The glass systems are design highlights and fit into any style of architecture. Different technologies for functional, high load-bearing capacity and aesthetic solutions are our strength.

In Office Partition DSAA creates rooms Transparency so that work place will have friendly environment. Even we keep in mind of privacy office room to keep confidentiality of the clients.